Deepu R Sasidharan is the Managing Director of Medilife TV, the first health-tourism channel in Malayalam language. At the age of 20 he started working in media related fields and supported broadcasting of 14 Channels. He is doing major works in technology, channel integration and S-Play game development. When he started his journey, he was a veteran of the media and film industry. He worked in video production, distribution and technical installation at Media Entertainment.

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Medilife TV

The first Malayalam channel for family health tourism. It provides medical science and lifestyle entertainment in Malayalam language across the globe

Right News

One of the world's best international news portals. The Right news provides complete collections of trending international news

Medilife Health Tourism

A health tourism program for experiencing and enjoying the health-related traditional treatment aspects of India

Studio 90

It is an advanced software development company. The firm that provides primary products are various forms of software, software technology for business purposes


It is an exciting application to watch online movies and series. The 90° is best-equipped applications for today's generation.

Vision 360

It is a D2H Set Top Box project. It has beyond 3000+ national and international channels, Exquisite display quality and enthusiastic, stupendous experiments. Deepu R Sasidharan serves as the project designer of Vision 360.

Personal Background

Deepu R Sasidharan started the life journey as the founder of the film company and given below a list of what he contributed in his career.

Nilaa Film

Old Bird IT, New Yorkt

Deepu R Sasidharan entered to media life by launching a film production company called Nilaa Films in Chennai during 2009.

Sky Wings

Old Bird IT, New Yorkt

Sky Wings is a broadcasting company. The main operations of the company are channel integration and broadcasting, the channel serves broadcasting, integration and technologies required for the external private channels, in 2017 sky wings became a private limited company. Deepu RS founded Sky Wings in 2010.

Medilife TV

Old Bird IT, New Yorkt

Medilife TV is the first health tourism channel in Malayalam, Deepu R S is the managing director of medilife TV and the channel is expected to be launched in April 2020

Medilife Health Tourism

Old Bird IT, New Yorkt

Medilife health tourism is concentrated on traditional way of medical treatments and health tourism in India. This is the project for foreigners and tourists to understand the value and purity of the traditional treatment and get close to it. It is launched in 2020. The primary aim of the plan is to generate higher income through health tourism for the Nation. Deepu R Sasidharan is the project coordinators of the Medilife Health Tourism.


Deepu R Sasidharan started the life journey as the founder of the film company and given below a list of what he contributed in his career.

Sky Wings Broadcasting

The founder of Sky wings Broadcasting Technology

Medilife TV

Serve as managing director of Medilife TV, The first health tourism channel of Kerala

Studio 90

Plays a major role as Managing partner of Studio 90 and as develop business strategies

Game Studio

An important person as the Director at Game studio for administering the development virtual reality projects for Game Studio



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